My Tools and Toys for the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2004)

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Ever since I got my hands on the Flight Simulator I've been itching to do things that weren't possible directly. So many ideas, so little time :)

The Duenna is watching ... February 2005
For the "FlightSim-Avsim-SimOuthouse Round the World Race 2005" (whew, what a title) I made a small tool to help validate the flights.

[ check out the Duenna ]

Not a photoshop!
December 2004
I managed to grab this nice shot of a MD-11 landing near Zürich .... not a photoshop, directly taken from the MS-FS2004!

[ See how it was done ]

Watch MS-FS-Players online
Dezember 2004
CE_FSHost_Watch will show you where the online-players on a FSHost-Server are currently located. The players will be either listed or shown on a small map (in Switzerland with a nice background-bitmap). The online data is currently proxied on one of my servers and locked for my FSHost-Server.

[ More Informationen and the download here ]

Moveit May 2004
This is a small utility to position your aircraft in MSFS. I created this utility in order help make a few screenshots. Using this utility you can repeatedly generate the exact same position with just a few mouse clicks. Move or rotate your aircraft in all 6 axes plus date/time, in the smallest increments possible. You can also use this utility to aid in mastering complex approaches.

[ get it from ]

More stuff is lined up or in work!



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